By Enrique Figueroa Anaya.

This film, which includes, among others, the film debut of Eiza González and Sara Maldonado, as well as the participation of Claudia Ramírez, tells the story of Emilio, a successful professional who lives in Mexico City and who despite having the Life resolved in terms of professional sustenance, he feels that something has been left unfinished in his life, that something he has left aside makes him seek within him what he still feels is not consummated.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Emilio returns, in an unplanned way, to his native Sonora, where in addition to reuniting with his family, he reunites with his childhood friends, those loving people who throughout life stay as part Of the sense of each person’s personal history.

Their childhood friends, like Emilio, feel that as time goes by, something still remains to be understood, to live and that dissatisfaction leads them to live a series of events, to relive stories and to meet again and to look at those who know Essentially who we are.

All of them are about to turn 30 and are aware that this is the last chance they have to change their lives and pursue their dreams …